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diana59 won 59393 points (2 place) in the game Gold Miner Tom
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shubrak won 12302 points (24 place) in the game Arkadium Mahjongg Solitaire
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How to Play Flash Games in 2022Blog
How to Play Flash Games in 2022After January 2021 the Flash Player plugin is no longer officially supported. There are still two ways that you can use to play online flash games in your browser.

This website has no relation with the installation files mentioned in this post. These are only instructions, guidelines and links to other websites, which can help you to install an older version of Flash Player which is still working or install the new Ruffle plugin which emulates Flash Player.

Have in mind that the older Flash Player version might have security problems, since it is no longer supported and updated, and it is not recommended to install it. We recommend you to use the second variant and install the new plugin Ruffle. It is still in development phase but it develops very fast and already can be used to play many of the flash games online.

How to play flash games:

I. Using a browser Firefox, Opera or IE, where you can install an older version of Flash Player and deactivate checking for updates. (Not recommended due to possible security issues)

II. Using the new plugin Ruffle which emulates Flash and already allows most of the games to run in your browser, soon new functionalities will be added by the developers to allow all games to run properly.
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Enter the Amazing World of GumballBlog
Enter the Amazing World of GumballThe Amazing World of Gumball is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network. The creator of the series base some of the characters on personages which were previously rejected in his last work. He combines these heroes in a series with mixed thematic - family and school, which was very interesting for Cartoon Network at that time. The series turns around the live of a 12 years old boy cat who is called Gumball Watterson and his friends in an imaginary city called Elmor. There Gumball spends most of his time with his adopted brother golden fish and his best friend Darwin. Other members of his family are his intellectual sister Anais and his father Richart, both of them rabbits, and his mother Nicole - a cat. Gumball is going to school in the local high junior school in Elmor. There he meets his beloved Penny - a beautiful peanut. A very interesting element of the series is The Void - a dimension inside Elmor where reside the mistakes of the universe.

Games in the amazing world of Gumball

Gumball and Darwin are main characters in many Cartoon Network games. The two heroes have big fantasy which creates amazing ideas. The series has also funny references to many other popular games like Super Mario and Dragon Ball.
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Victor and Valentino Games in Monte MacabreBlog
Victor and Valentino Games in Monte MacabreVictor and Valentino is a cartoon series on the TV channel Cartoon Network. The story takes place in the small and quiet town of Monte Macabre where two completely opposite by character brothers are looking for adventures. They find supernatural events with the help of their grandmother.

Victor Calavera or Vic is the younger half brother who gets bored and excited very easy. He loves to play games and do naughty tricks, but before all he takes care of his brother. Valentino or Val is the olrder brother, who is concerned a lot about his appearance. He has better coordination and is smarter but he also takes care of his brother. He is tummy and very modes, he also knows a lot about the history of the ancient cultures.

Main Characters

Besides the brothers Victor and Valentino there are also many other interesting characters in Monte Macabre. Granny Chata is blind and she has supernatural abilities. Charlene is a strange girl who often picks up on Victor and Valentino, she also has supernatural power and she likes to use it on the brothers. Charlene likes Victor and she always tries to get involved in what he is doing. Pineapple is a big boy, brother of Charlene, who like s to dance.
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