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6games.eu is a web site for online games. By using the site you agree with the rules and the privacy policy of the site. For more information please read the pages Rules of the site and Privacy policy.

Playing games and the registration in the web site are free. The site offers many different functions for its visitors and registered players. This page describes the functions of the site and the way they can be used. If you have any suggestion or oppinion that you would like to share with us, you can contact us using the contact information in the page Contacts.

How to play flash games after 2021?

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How to play flash games after 2021?

After january 2021 the Flash Player plugin is no longer supported. There are two ways that you can still play Flash games:

I. Using a browser Firefox, Opera or IE, where you can install an older version of Flash Player and deactivate update. (Not recommended due to possible security issues)

II. Using the new plugin Ruffle which emulates Flash and already allows most of the games to run in your browser, soon new functionalities will be added by the developers to allow all games to run properly.

* This website has no relation with the instalation files mentioned, these here are only instructions and links to other websites, which can help you to install an older version of Flash Player which is working. Have in mind that the older Flash Player version might have security problems. We recommend you to use the second variant and install the plugin Ruffle.

I. Instructions how to install a working Flash Player (Not recommended):

1. Install Firefox from here: Firefox. Analogically you can install Opera or IE from their websites.

2. Deinstall Flash Player with the help of this file: Uninstaller, detailed instructions here: uninstall instructions

3. Download an older version of Flash Player (32.00.344) from here: PcWonderland. Use the corresponding variant for your browser Firefox, Opera or IE.

4. Start the installation and in the end check the option "Never check for updates (not recommended)".

5. Start a page with a flash game and allow using of Flash Player in your browser.

II. Detailed instructions how to install the plugin Ruffle:

1. Download the plugin from its official site: ruffle.rs/#releases (Select the link that corresponds to the browser you have: Firefox, Chrome / Edge / Safari)

2. Unpack the downloaded file.

3. Depending on the internet browser you use:

a) Chrome or another browser based on Chrome (i.e. Chromium):
- Open chrome://extensions/ in the address bar of your browser
- Allow "Developer Mode" in the page that opens
- Choose "Load unpacked" and locate the unpacked archive

b) Firefox:
- Load about:debugging in the address bar of your browser br /> - Choose "This Firefox" (or This Nightly) in the side bar
- Activate "Load Temporary Add-on button"
- Choose the downloaded XPI file and load it as a temporary extension in Firefox
- The extension is added temporary and it will be gone if you restart Firefox

c) You can analogically install the plugin in Edge or Safari.

Home page

In the home page are shown last added games and site statistics.

In the upper left part of the home page are shown preview videos of four last selected games. When clicking with the mouse on some of the videos or the titles of the game you are redirected to a page where you can play the corresponding game. The arrow to the left of the game title lead to a page with all selected games.

In the upper right part of the home page are shown the last added games in the site. The title Latest games and the arrow to the right of it lead to a page with all latest games.

In the next part of the home page there are similar lists with Top games, Multiplayer games and Games with ratings. The titles of the sections and the arrows to the right of them lead to pages with full game lists.

In the next part of the home page are shown site statistics and online players. The statistics show games number in the site, registered players, games played for today and all time. In the section with online players are shown the last active online players if any are present.

Main menu

The main menu includes buttons to some of the game categories and a button that leads to a list with all game categories. The main menu also includes buttons to lists with all games, top games, multiplayer games, games with ratings.

If the site visitor is registered to the right are shown three additional buttons for quick access that lead to lists with favourite games, last played games and added games.

If the site visitor is not registered there is shown also a Registration button where everybody can register for free and create a private profile.


bg ru en de fr es

The site has English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Bulgarian versions. In the bottom of each page are shown buttons with flags that can be used to switch between the language versions of any page.

Game categories

  Arcade (1378)
  Fighting (54)
  Children (185)
  Action (660)
  Girl games (808)
  Funny games (244)
  Casino (37)
  Cards (4)
  Christmas (121)
  Space (74)
  Puzzle (2112)
  Adventure (329)
  Applications (22)
  Sport (295)
  Strategy (152)
  Racing (196)
  Tetris (56)

In the categories page can be seen a list with all game categories.

Under the full list with game categories are shown last added games by all categories.


To the right of the buttons in the main menu there is a game search form. The empty field is used to type search text, after enter or the search button is pressed and a list with results is displayed if any games are found.

Game lists

In the site the games can be found using pages by categories or game search form, pages lists with All games, Top games, Multiplayer games, Most played, Games with ragints, Selected games.

Each game list shows a picture of each game, title, description, times played, user rating and characterization icons.

Each game may have the following characterization icons:

Ratings - shows that the results from the game can be saved in a game rating in the site.
Selected game - shows that the game is the collection of selected games of the site.
Multiplayer game - shows that the game can be played by more then one player.
Game in category Racing - shows the game category.
Favourite game - shows if the game is selected as a favourite one.

The page with all games contains the latest added games in the site, The page with top games shows the gaimes ordered by user ratings. In the page with multiplayer games are shown all the games that can be played by more then one player in the same time. In the page with most played games are shown the games ordered by the number that they are played. In the page with games with ratings are shown all games which score can be saved in the site.
In the page with selected games is shown a collection with selected games in the site. They have a big image and video that can be seen before playing the game.
All lists with games have buttons with paging numbers and buttons for previous, next, first and last pages, that are located in the top and the bottom of the pages.

Game page

The game is loaded in the top side of the game page. In the top is the title of the game, to the right of it are located game characterization icons.

If the game is played by a user without registration in the site, before loading the game there is an advertisement. After a free registration in the site this advertisement is not shown any more.

In the right upper corner of the screen there is a button that can be used to run the game in fullscreen.

Below the game there are a game picture, title, description and game play instructions.

There is also a button that can be used to add the game in Favourite games and a Facebook Like button. If the game is added in Favourite games it than can be easily found in the page with Favourite games.

Below these buttons thare are five stars for rating the game with ratings from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best rating. Using this user ratings the games are ordered in the Top games page.

Below the stars are also displayed the game characterization icons with direct links to corresponding pages.

In the page of each game there is a form that can be used to reccomend and send the game to a friend.
Each registered visitor of the site can write comments to the games using the comment form.
In the bottom side of each game page there are shown similar games. Here are shown the other parts of the game if any are present.


Each visitor of the site can register for free and use the additional options in the site.

Registering in the site you fill the required information by your own will and agree with the terms and conditions of the site.

With registering in the site each user can:
- add a game in the site
- write comments to the games
- use pages for quick access with Favourite games, Added games and Last played games
- send private messages
- save reults in the games from Games with ratings
- add other users of the site as friends
- write messages in the private profile wall and the wall of all friends
- participate in the players top list in the site, receiving points from different actions in the site

If you are logged out you can log in at any time using the Log in form, that is located in the right side of each page in the site.

If you have entered a wrong password or username and think that you lost your password, you can restore it by entering the e-mail that you used when registering.

Private profile

Each registered user of the site has a page with private profile. In the page is shown the following information:
- username
- avatar
- points
- rank
- medals
- personal wall
- comments
- friends
- highscores
- items

In the page with the private profile there are links to send a message and the user in friends. There are also shown a last active time.

In the private profile page there is a wall on which there are shown the last actions and messages from the private profile and the profile of all friends.

There is a tab with ratings that is showing all the ratings with points that are earned from games with ratings.

In the private profile page there is a list with last added friends.

In the private profile page there are tabs with lists of items acquired.

There is also a tab with last posted game comments.

The information that is filled when registering and additional data (avatar) can be updated at any time from the Edit profile page. There are also extra options which can be unlocked. In this page it can also be set that the information in the private profile is not displayed to other visitors in the site but visitors that are added in friends.

Private menu

Each user in the site that is registered and logged in can see a private menu in the right part of each page of the site.

The private menu provides quick access to the private profile page, favourite games, last played games, added games, friends, own comments, private messages, submitting game, edit profile, exit.


In the page with friends is shown a full list with all added friends.


In the page with private comments there is shown a list with all comments that are written by the corresponding user.


In the page with private messages there can be read the received and sent messages and a new message can be composed.

Additional functions

There are special additional features on the site that can be unlocked under various conditions by registered users of the site. These features are locked by default.

function Name color change

This feature can be unlocked if you collect all items from the Fruits collection on the site. The feature is then available from the profile settings page on the site.

function Change site color

This feature can be unlocked after you collect enough points to reach level 10. The feature is then accessible from the profile settings page on the site.

function Get twice as many points from leaderboards

This additional feature is unlocked when you collect all items from the Weapons collection on the site.

function Sell items for 95% (instead of 75%) of their value

This upgrade is unlocked when you collect the entire Gold Item collection.

function Avatar decoration

By collecting certain collections, you can unlock different decorations for your avatar. If you wear a decoration, you will get more points from the leaderboards in a certain game category. These are the decorations you can unlock right now:

Flower: Unlocked by collecting the Flower Collection. When activated, it gives additional points from games in the Flowers category.

Diamond: Unlocked by collecting the Jewel Collection. When activated, it gives additional points from games in the Matching category.

Cards: Unlocked by collecting Collection Cards. When activated, it gives additional points from games in the Cards category.

Snowflakes: Unlocked by collecting Collection Winter items. When activated, it gives additional points from games in the Winter category.


There are many games with active ratings in the web site, where all registered players can take part. The global rating table in the site is defined by medals and points won. All games with active high score ratings can be found on the page highscore games.

All players in the site who have won at least one medal or a point can be seen in the page top players.

In the page with top players all players in the site are ordered first by medals and points that they earned.

The additional points are given for the following events:

+80 points for each golden medal
+40 points for each silver medal
+20 points for each bronze medal
+10 points for position between 4 and 6
+1 points for position between 7 and 20

+50 points for adding an avatar
+3 points for each submitted game
+2 points for each added friend
+1 points for each submitted comment
+1 points for rating a game (up to 5 a day)
+1 points for writing a message on the wall in the profile (up to 5 a day)

Thare is a players search form in all pages with players, that can be used to find a given player in the site.

Submit game

Each registered user in the site can submit a game in the site by filling all the fields of the submit game form. All added games are listed in the user last added games page. A link for game submission can be found in each page of the site in the top right corner and can be accessed by the page submit game.
If you have any suggestion or oppinion that you would like to share with us, you can contact us using the contact information in the page contacts
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