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Lunar my foster mom
julian who is always like that?
Lunar *you lol
Lunar but i always love talking to youb <3
Lunar sorry if its a lot
Lunar like shes always like why are you always in your room and why are you always on my phone but im also always on it bc i dont live with my family so that my only way of communication
Lunar aw hope its gets better <3 and im not too bad just stressed and busy and its really annoying bc everytime i try to take time to myself i get yelled at
julian you?
julian not so bad, but I have some headache after so many movies
Lunar hru
Lunar oh wow thats so cool lol
julian we stayed there a few days
julian we went to the cinema and then hid inside to watch movies for free :)
julian no worries, I was with my friends :)
Lunar <3 im glad your ok!
Lunar oh phew you had me worried
julian here :)
Lunar julian where are you? :(
Lunar hiiiiii
Irfan hello
Lunar no but i have to soon bc i have to get her home
julian where?
julian so you found her?
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