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julian true :D
Tasos They're diamonds julian, thanks for noticing! I didn't mean to boast about it, but you're definitely observant! :)
Tasos Hi Turtle!
julian hey turty
julian or diamonds..
julian someone got crystals :)
julian hmm.. you also do not know?
julian hey Lbsfrnp wydrn means what? :)
LBSFRNP hey guysss wydrn
julian got the strawberry :)
Tasos Hi there Daisy! Welcome!
julian hey
julian o.0
julian yeah good that we already unlocked that feature, but I might lose it, because I still do not have the strawberry, I will try to win it later just in case
dan the strawberry seems easier to win though :)
dan these golden items will be very difficult to collect but it's nice to have another collection
dan that's it, I meant the golden apple
Tasos An entire new possible collection of items has been added, the "Gold items" one. It seems to be the hardest of them all to acquire. It has got a lot of items, most of them can't be bought, and for some of them that require a gold medal from a certain category of games, that specific category has only 3-4 games that are highscore-enabled in it.
Tasos I also found out the Fruits collection has got a new item (Gigantic strawberry), which can't be purchased. So, I guess julian and myself were lucky enough to complete our "Fruits" collections before, since it must be a little bit harder from now on.
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