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For using the services of the web site 6games.eu your give a certain information. That is why you need to read to terms and conditions for using the services of 6games.eu. When registering in the site you are a client with the understanding of the Terms and conditions of the site, and you are aware that you must obey them while using the services of the site.

Your information

The information that you give us is protected. We collect information that is saved in a computer. By this you declare your will to give us this information, in order to fill your private profile. You agree to maintain the content of your profile in correspondance to the terms and conditions of this site. Your IP address and e-mail address are not shown to other people.


Each user of 6games.eu that is using the register form, must fill the required information. When registering you must fill correct and full information as required and update it in a way so it is still correct. You are fully responsible if filling incorrect information. Once registered you have the opportunity to update your information. The registration form collects the following information:

e-mail address, gender, username, password.

We use this information in order to give you our services, we are not giving this information to other people, besides in the cases in which the law oblidge us. Part of this information is published with your agreement in your profile, that is publicaly displayed in 6games.eu. You agree that this part of the information can be used for marketing and strategic purposes by 6games.eu, which includes receiving marketing information by 6games.eu on the e-mail adress that you filled when registered. When registering you fill a username and a password and you are fully responsible for their usage and you are fully responsible if you give them to other people. If you suspect that your account is used by other people without your permision you can change the password in any time. You are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password.

Terms and conditions

As a user of our services with your registration you agree that:

You are responsible for the content of the information that you fill for yourself and give to the other users of 6games.eu
You are not going to give information that is abusive, improper, sexual oriented, threatening, ofensive, racial oriented, materials out of the law or all other materials that contain elements of violence to the other side. Please let us know if you determine that there is something that break these rules. You are not going to force or chase the users of our services.
You are going to use our services in a way that is in accordance to the law of our country. You state that you are not going to put in your profile any addresses, phones, names, url, e-mail addresses, ICQ number, sex references or whatever sexual suggestions to the other side and you are not going to send pictures and photos or other images that are pornographic materials and you are not going to carry out personal information.
You are not going to pretend to be another person.
You are not going to tie down with advertiesements or announcements of the other users of 6games.eu buy or sell products or services using our services. You are not going to send spam or junk to the other users of the site.
You are not going to collect personal information for the other users of the site, as for commersial purpose without their explicit agreement.
You are not going to send, distribute whatever materials that are protected by the author copyright, trade marks or other such information.
You are not going to intefere or break the services of 6games.eu or the server or the network where the site is.
You are not going to send, transfer or distribute whatever materials that contain software viruses or other computer codes, files or programs that are set to breach, destroy or limit the functions of the computer software or hardware. Please let us know if you are aware of such actions.
You are not going to change titles and any other part of 6games.eu without our explicit agreement.
You are personally responsible for your relationships with the rest of the users of 6games.eu. 6games.eu is not and cannot be involved in the comunication and the actions between the other users and in case that there are conflicts with other users of the site you state that we are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage. 6games.eu has the right but is not oblidged to follow the conversations between the users of the site.
You are oblidged to protect and keep us informed for all losses, damages, responsibilities that appear directly or indirectly from or out of this agreement. You agree that you are not going to send us or to the other users of the site material that breach the author copyright, trade marks, trade secrets or other forms of intelectual property or other rights of other people.
The information that you publish in the site can be used and published in all interfaces of 6games.eu.

We state that:

All your statements are not supported by us. We are not responsible for any damages in consequence of the information that you provide in the site. 6games.eu keep the right but is not oblidged to observe the materials that are send using the server. 6games.eu has the right but is not oblidged to remove materials that are concidered to be a form of violence against other users of the site. 6games.eu keep the right to control the time of the saving of the messages. 6games.eu can in any moment deny the services to all or some of the users without any obligations to the users. We do not guarantee the usefulness and fullness of the information that is published in 6games.eu and we do not have any responsibility for any damagaes in result of this that somebody of the users has trusted this information or other content of the published in the site information or information passed from any other side. It is possible some of the members and nonmembers of 6games.eu to publish any materials on the server and you being involove in them without your agreement. It is possible to receive information for you by using the server and it to be used against you. For this 6games.eu is not responsible for using the private information that you choose to share. Please carefully choose what type of incormation to put on the server.

Infromation in the web site

Options, advises, statements or any other information on our site cannot be controled.

Relationships with other sides

6games.eu may contain links to other sites or materials out of the site. We do not control their content and we are not responsible for their content, the products or the services or information that is located in these links.


6games.eu is not responsible and has no copyright of the published flash games in the site and does not own them, beside theese that are marked with the logo of the site. The logo and the other elements of the site are owned by 6games.eu. You are oblidged not to copy, modify, publish, send or carry them out.

Responsibility restriction

6games.eu is not responsible for events, consequences or indirect damagas (including but not limiting damages of lost information, lost programs or other). 6games.eu is not responsibgle for any topological errors.

Site updates

We keep the right to:

Change the content and conditinos of this statement in any time without preliminary notice
Change the content of the site
To remove any information without preliminary notice
To remove users in the case that we concider the published information is not in correspondance to the rules stated above. In this case the client lose all his rights, that he has until that moment in the site. 6games.eu has no obligation to restore his registration.

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