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The Waitress

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The Waitress

The Waitress
You are a waitress and your job is to serve clients. Do it in 3 steps, take the order, bring the order and clean the table. Try to take an order as quickly as possible and don't forget to clean tables! See in game instructions for more detailed info. This game has problems, please play the other game called "Cafe Waitress" which is the sequel.

- use the mouse to play
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The Waitress

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The Waitress is a game online with waitress, serving, restaurant, job simulation, in category Adventure.

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The game is played 160K times.

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i'm losing because it doesn't detect the second person.
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its so annoying how the game freezes and then it depletes the whole purpose of me playing to beat the highscore. i was at 50,000 which is super unfair. i played for nothing.
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with no way to unfreeze it. and when i refresh it doesnt even save my score. so irritating
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Can only get so far when it starts ignoring the 2nd person :/
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trueeee, so annoying when we lose because of the errorSad
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the owner of this game or website PLEASE fix up this game! there is clearly some sort of malfunction and it prevents us from beating the highscore, let alone beating ONLY 20,000 without angry customers. the customers gets angry TOO extremely fast. it was not like this before. FIX IT.
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I'm losing because the game doesn't detect the second person. It's so annoyiiiing. Please fix this!
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