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Pirate Islands Nonograms

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Pirate Islands Nonograms

Pirate Islands Nonograms
Pirate Islands Nonograms Begin an exciting pirate voyage and find hidden treasures on the pirate islands in the game. During the long sea-voyage, you must watch out for underwater reefs and shallows. There will be many different islands on your way. Seasoned pirates say that you can find many chests full of treasures. Your task is to find as many of them as you can. You will meet many ships on the sea. If you take them, you can restock and get many other trophies. The spyglass will help you find many ships. Always be ready for battle, control the stocks of gunpowder and cannonballs, because the ship can appear any time. Use ship nails to repair your ship after every battle and taking ship. If you do not have enough nails, you can restock in the shop. You can also find gunpowder, rum, cannonballs, pearls in the shop. Complete levels with 3 stars and add new elements to your collections. Gather full collection and get various awards. Don't forget about albums with pictures, because they provide an opportunity to get rare elements in your collections, without which unlocking further travels is not possible.

Use the mouse to play. Video walkthrough

Pirate Islands Nonograms

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