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Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft This Minecraft game is in a two dimensional paper version. Explore the world just as in Minecraft. Mine blocks, create buildings and whatever you want. Save the world that you have made, by creating a save code, later you can come back and start where you left off. You can share your save codes with whoever you like.

Use 1 to 9 to select items, the mouse to mine or place a block, W, A, S and D to walk, swim and jump, E to open and close inventory, E and mouse hover to open or close a chest, crafting table, furnace or door, space to drop a single tile from a stack while dragging, F to eat food, N to label a sign or chest, Q to drop an item, P to pause the game, T to talk and command, O to save your game, M for music and sounds, shift for sprint, L for keyboard lagging. Video walkthrough

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Paper Minecraft

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Paper Minecraft is a game online with minecraft, in category Adventure.

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