Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybug Run on the rooftops of Paris with Ladybug from the French cartoon series Miraculos Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Go over the obstacles, jump from one roof to another and hit the objects and enemies that stand on your way. Collect the bonus ladybugs in the game and defeat all enemies that threaten the safety in Paris. This game submits the score in the background and you have to be logged in your profile before start playing.

Use up arrow key to jump, right arrow key to attack. Video walkthrough

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Miraculous Ladybug

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Miraculous Ladybug is a game online with miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir, super hero, running, platform, cartoon, mobile, in category Arcade.

You can play the game Miraculous Ladybug in fullscreen mode by using the fullscreen button located on the top right side of the game screen. If you like this game you can rate it with rating from one to five using the stars in the description.

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The game has active highscore table, win as many points as you can and save your game score. Each rating gives you points for the general ranking in the site.

The game Miraculous Ladybug can be run on a mobile device or tablet. Scan the QR code in the game description and play it on your smartphone or tablet.

If the game Miraculous Ladybug is not working make sure that you have one of the browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Edge. Reload the page and wait for the game to load. If the game is still not working you can notify us by using the link report broken game so we can try to fix it.

The game is added by jordi and is played 515K times.

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great but i cant jump or my thing scrolls
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you can use the fullscreen button to make the game bigger, then it won't scroll
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Comments are for opinion's right? Well since they are let me just go head and give mine. I feel like the game is really childish because dont in most games when you crash you die? Well not in this one. Also what happended to the old Ladybug and cat noir? Animation is not what it used to be it used to be enjoyable what happended what the hell. I give a huge thumbs down and don't believe the stars there from the producers and the makers to try to convince us its a "good" game. #dontplayit
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if yo dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all thats not an opinion thats critizism if you dont like the game just say i dont like the game. Cool
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